Parental Options

Behavior Modification Schools
Designed to help children with behavior problems.

Boot Camp Type Schools
Juvenile boot camps, teen boot camps, and boot camps for troubled teens are all terms associated with a Military setting with uniforms, structure, and discipline.

Drug treatment program and Substance abuse treatment program
In addition to the other types of programs and placement options discussed on this site there are other options. One such option is a drug treatment program or specifically a teen drug treatment program.

Frequently, there are local options for you to consider as well as choices a little further away from home. One source available in many states is Teen Anon. This type of help may be beneficial if you are dealing with a compliant and willing teen. If they are still in denial that they have a problem this option may prove to be "a waste of time."

Troubled Youth Program
Troubled youth programs, troubled teen programs, and defiant teen programs are all essentially the same. These types of placements are for children that have been expelled from school, experiencing minor legal troubles, minor substance abuse, and a myriad of other problems. The intent and hope is that there is something for a child who seems to be slipping through the cracks. The school system has limited resources to help with a defiant teen. The legal system is usually "too little too late" type of option with placement in the juvenile system the only recourse. A borderline adolescent put in the juvenile system will usually not fair very well. The end result is a child that comes home with disturbing new friends and better drug connections than they had when they left home. It is the goal of most parents to keep their child away from this rather than hurl them into the midst of it.

Residential Treatment Centers
Residential treatment centers vary in what they offer. Many are geared to help youth and adults with some kind of psychiatric problem or substance abuse issue.

Residential Drug Treatment Center
Specific help for substance abuse dependency or addiction.

Residential Treatment for Troubled Teen
Combination of the two categories above coupled with a structured daily schedule.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Residential placement for teen in need of therapy and counseling.

In seeking help for a defiant teen you will need to check with the facility you are researching to see if they are set-up to deal with defiant patients. The cost for placement in a clinical setting is more than if you were to place your child in a behavior modification program to deal with their defiant behavior. If the adolescent is reluctant to work with a counselor or therapist at home they usually will not be willing to talk to one in a residential setting either. There are advantages to paying the extra fee for a therapeutic placement for a troubled teen. If the teen should reach a point where they are willing to open up and talk about issues that may be at the core of their negative behavior, they will have someone trained to help them.

Many teens today talk about suicide. If a child has suicidal tendencies a therapeutic setting is definitely encouraged. The difficulty in placing them is to determine if they would be capable of causing harm to themselves. If an adolescent has made a serious attempt or is diagnosed suicidal you will definitely want that child placed in a psychiatric facility or a competent residential treatment facility. This will assure that if they are suicidal they will be monitored closely. If the teen is simply using suicide as a "hot button" to get out of a difficult situation or if they are using it to manipulate parents, a behavior modification placement may be appropriate. The best way to be sure if your teen might be in danger is to have them be evaluated by a professional psychiatric.

It is not the intent of this site to provide psychiatric counseling or replace help that may be obtained from a qualified doctor. Our comments and text come from our experience in helping place teens in various types of programs and schools.

Don't Give Up. There is Hope
We at Teen Options are here to help you find the most appropriate placement for your child and have many schools to choose from. We also have a financial department to help you research what options will work best for you. Our programs boast in the neighborhood of an 85% success rate at helping trouble youth get straitened out. If your child has just started down the path of negative behavior or if he or she has been on the wrong course for a long time give us a call. Don't hesitate if your life is miserable trying to decide what to do. You are not alone. We can help.