Boot Camps And Military Schools

Boot camp can mean anything from a real estate boot camp to defiant teen boot camp. If you are looking on this site you are evidently interested in finding help for a troubled adolescent. On television, like most everything on television, the boot camps produce immediate results. In the real world it takes a little more time to change behaviors that a child has been cultivating for many years. It is only logical to realize that long term changes are going to take more time. The majority of the programs we work with are approximately a year in length. The one year time frame, while not a magical number, seems to be about the average time it takes help a child make sufficient changes.

Military Boarding Schools

In the past, a military school was the term used to describe a place where kids went who couldn't seem to make it in a regular school setting. Today a military school is a privilege to attend and can only be accessed by students who have a desire to excel. The potential student must come with a good report card and references from their previous teachers. This is not an appropriate fit for a teen that is defiant and unruly. If the parents are able to convince the military school to take their child and they decide to act out they could be expelled. When a child is asked to leave a military school there is no refund. This might be a substantial amount since most military schools require tuition paid for the semester in advance.

wilderness and Summer Programs

The term wilderness program can refer to several types of programs. If you are seeking help for a defiant and out of control teen a wilderness program is referring to a behavior modification style program which has a component of the program held out doors. Some placement agencies or educational consultants will send a child to a wilderness program before the child goes to a boarding school. They believe that if the child has a high impact experience they might be more willing to settle down and focus on improving themselves in the new boarding school.

There are some well established wilderness experience programs that are accident free and have been around for many years. Wilderness Camp Depiction In contrast there are also some that have not been so safe and effective. It is good when looking into an outdoor program to ask specifically about any problems, accidents, or even deaths they might have had. Some states have increased the regulations associated with this type of placement to assure that the child will have adequate food, shelter, and overall safety while they are in the care of a school or program.

However, it is the ultimate responsibility of the parent to verify the safety and track record of any potential placement option they are considering. These programs can refer to a program similar to the one described previously or it could be an option for someone looking to give a well behaved teen an experience in the outdoors. If it is a summer adventure for a well behaved teen they typically won't want a defiant teen to come along. The other problem is that an adolescent with behavior problems generally will refuse to go anywhere the parent sends them even if it is for fun. The majority of teens we deal with are not going to benefit very much from a wilderness adventure.

Camps For Troubled Teens

Searching for help for defiant children the phrase camp for troubled teen can mean several things. The word camp would typically indicate that some kind of outdoor or wilderness experience is what is being sought. Camp could also mean the parent is looking for a boot camp for a defiant teen. In reality the best option may be a traditional boarding school or a residential treatment center. Sometimes parents searching for help are not exactly sure what they are looking for. We can help evaluate the needs of your child to determine what may be the best option for your family. We will help you explore your options whether you are looking for a boot camp, wilderness experience, or just some time away from your teen.

We at Teen Options are here to help you find the most appropriate placement for your child and have many schools to choose from. We also have a financial department to help you research what options will work best for you. Our programs boast in the neighborhood of an 85% success rate at helping trouble youth get straitened out. If your child has just started down the path of negative behavior or if he or she has been on the wrong course for a long time give us a call. Don't hesitate if your life is miserable trying to decide what to do. You are not alone. We can help.